Monday, December 12, 2011

Ups and Downs

I don't understand
Tom got a monitor
I hear it beeping
and I ask -- what does the beep mean?
oh, it says I'm at 74, or 67, or whatever
that's weird -- I thought I just ate
well, I guess something went wrong because your glucose is 74
no it can't be
ok, test it manually
ok, i just did
sometimes he lies and tells me its 174 - i can tell he is lying -- he has "that face"
other times he tells the truth "wow! it really is 74!  I don't understand, I just ate...."
either way he sips a bit of juice to bring it up
I am trying so hard to be patient
but really he is unreasonable
some days it works out fine
other days it is just plain scary
after all these years
one would think I would be used to it
I guess its not true that repetition makes it ok
I'll never get used to it

and the season goes on....