Friday, April 12, 2013

Found new comments

I realize that blogging is not my forte
but I am feeling quite dumb right now
tonight I read a pop up on my blog site that I had ignored previously

it told me to check the comment spam folder in case there were valid comments there
well, I didn't realize this even existed
and, how did something get there?

well, there were several comments -- from 2011 and 2012
they were valid -- I am so sorry to those of you whose comments were stuck there
I always try to respond and publish comments from other wives
support is so important to us

so I now hit publish -- but they are buried somewhere in my blogs

to anyone who reads this
please feel encouraged to stay strong and true to yourself
At the end of the day, you are all you have
Others can help -- in many ways
but only you can decide to stand up and move forward

All the best

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crisis for TX DW

Here is what she wrote

Well it finally happened...DW had a low, lost control of car, wrecked two others, totaled his...thank God no one else was hurt...DW has a fractured stirium and is in pain...can't do much...needs help dressing, heating pads, meds, and have to drive him to & from work
7 am /4 pm...I'm just about to throw in the towel...need any help/suggestions from my DW sisters..& of course it made the front page of our small town paper...he will definitely loose his license and we just bought land to build our small dream home...I pray to God for patience and peace...TX DW

Oh Gd!  TX -- I so know that feeling!
It is so scary!
you feel so helpless!
and so frustrating!
you saw this coming -- why didn't he?

So glad others weren't hurt
so sad he is

The only suggestion I have is to breathe deep
I often forget to do that
just stop, take a deep breath with eyes closed
and then exhale

my heart is with you
time will make things better
won't fix it
but better

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Tom has a lot of machines
two cell phones, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and a pump
at any one point in time there is a lot of beeping going on
its difficult to know what they mean

the good news is that his CGM has a variety of sounds that mean different things
he knows what they mean
when I ask, he will answer precisely what is going on at that moment
but when I ask for a bigger explanation he tells me its his job, not mine to know all of this

on one hand, that's fine
but one particular type of beeping is very loud and persistent
I have finally understood that this is the sound indicating low blood sugar
but he won't let me help

"I just ate ..."
whatever it is for the moment
soda, m&m's, a piece of bread.....

on one hand I am frustrated that I can't be of more help
on the other if he won't let me in, after all these years, there just is only so much I can do.....

sigh,,, the life of a wife of a diabetic

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tom is OK

I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath hear the next step in the saga of my life :)
Well, today is better
Friday, Tom had to take the day off due to the Federal government sequester
so, we went to the beach -- for one night
its a really nice drive, the day was lovely, we talked and stopped for lunch
it was a great break
we had a very nice dinner Friday night
we walked around
we talked
what can I say
it was so nice
and it was all about me

he had a few minutes of lows, and his GCM beeped quite a few times
but we handled it just fine
and he was there for me

very nice....