Friday, October 21, 2011

A comment

Michael gave this response to my last post.

No, I don't find this fascinating. I find it difficult to comprehend. We have snippets of an article that are thrown together in a haphazard fashion, and it's not easy to follow what might have been fascinating initially because the full context isn't included. "Thinking something through is the end of reasoning..." Um, what? That completely defies the definition of what reason is -> the thinking, cognition, intellect, and way a rational person understands themselves and thinks about cause and effect, truth and falsehood, and what is good or bad. Overall, the point appears to be: work together, it's a partnership. If that isn't happening, and it can't be communicated, maybe there are some deeper issues going on that need to be addressed... Diabetes aside

Michael, I respect your input - you have a great perspective on diabetes.  These are not "snippets of an article thrown together in a haphazard fashion"  the only words left out refer to the specific person described.

I'm sorry if you didn't connect with the words - but I did.

you may be correct that there are deeper issues going on than just diabetes -- that happens very frequently

 but I still like it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Profound Words

Just read an advice column on a totally different topic but it hit me right in the heart.
tell me what you think  I replaced the topic with the diabetic topic

"...your husband's behavior is way more egregious.  Acting unilaterally in a marriage is the heart of all betrayal.  Your comfort, standard of living, quality of life, finances, safety and goals, among other things are all linked now.  Your husband imposed his standards on you -- and compromised yours for you -- in every one of these categories when he acted without asking you.

The healthy, productive, forward-looking response to that isn't to suck it up and find a way to like it.  Its to explain to your husband that he negated your voice in your own home, to let him know that this is not acceptable, and to say that the conversation isn't over until you have both had your say.

... since he has been .[diabetic].. for all of x months [or years], its possible he hasn't fully processed what it means to share a life.  thinking something through marks the end of the reasoning process, it becomes a habit.  But that gets the [diabetic] person only halfway through at best. 

so point out to your husband that he skipped the part where you and he reconcile your two carefully drawn conclusions and come to a decision you both can embrace.  "

do you also find this fascinating????

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Machines that keep them Going

Tom (and I) met with a sales person for a new pump, meter, and monitor last night
I have to say that I'm very impressed with Tom
he has been really doing his research
I shouldn't be surprised -- that is what he does
but in some ways I'm disappointed
why doesn't he share this information with me BEFORE the guy gets here?

anyway, it is very interesting
Tom tells me that the monitors that Sandy described that stay on top of the skin
are not nearly as accurate as the ones that go into the skin
none of them are as accurate as the ones that you stick in your finger
(not sure I understand all of that)
but the technology continues to improve

he is working on figuring out all the pieces
he will get a new monitor right away
he will replace his pump in December when insurance approves it
and he will replace the monitor next year when the company comes out with the
new version that connects the two together.

its sort of confusing
but fortunately he has it all figured out

I asked for some explanations so I could help
but he is not very forthcoming

we will go on
tonight he went low again
but he is acknowledging that I have a better sense of him going low
than he does -- he told the sales guy that
its the first time I have EVER heard him admit that to anyone!

maybe that is progress?????

we shall see

Sunday, October 2, 2011


The blogs have been fairly quiet lately
I guess we have all been very busy lately
I know I have been

And, its Fall
my least favorite season of all
there is so much to do and yet not very much to write
its all sort of like busy work -- frustrating as heck!

Tom's doing fine
its a week to week thing

About to attempt to sleep well tonight