Monday, September 16, 2013

A Broken Wrist!

a couple of hours after I wrote my last post, I walked out of my house, fell and broke my wrist
Tom wasn't home but fortunately some neighbors were walking by and came to help
I was in terrible pain, but the ambulance ride was quick
and the people at the hospital knew was to do
I fell around 9 and was home before 1 -- good in ER time i think...

Anyway, I needed surgery to implant a metal plate and pins
surgery is always miserable
but my family took control -- thank goodness!
My sisters found the best doc -- during labor day week in which the Jewish holidays fell -- a feat where we live!
I feel well cared-for

but surgery takes you down -- not just the arm which was hurt
but pain meds mess up your mind

on Tuesday i ended up back in the ER
I don't think i am a wimp
but i was crying in pain

docs did lots of test
couldn't figure it out so diagnosed migraine

ok, finally, to Tom
Poor Tom
I'm out of commission --
can't dress myself, can't prepare food, can't drive
so many things i can't do
i am in pain, tired and cranky
my family is helping but can only do so much

he chooses work
maybe because he needs to,
maybe because he wants to

today he broke
was working on dinner
taking a very long time before i caught it
he tested and was 53
drank juice and ate food

ah, the life of living with a diabetic
the good and the not so good

wishing every one a good night's sleep
(that's what I want)

Tom's Wife

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Autumn -- UGH

this is not news
I do not enjoy the season of Fall
one of the reasons I moved back to the DC area
is because the summer lasts a bit longer

but you just can't trick the calendar
September 1 shows up and the schedule gets crazy
people get crazy!

my schedule for the next two months is packed
while I like being busy
this is too much in too little time

After months of no conferences - I have 4 in 8 weeks
that means a lot of travel

if it were spread out that would be ok
but its go here, go there, with no time in between to breathe!

its also a time of family -- too much
I love my family
but too much too often
well I start to feel overwhelmed

and then again I have days like today
so much to do
but bored out of my mind

at this point in my life you would think I could figure out how to accept just being
but I have never been able to do that

is there a trick to it?

how do I just be in the moment?
i wish I could figure that out....