Monday, March 5, 2012

Follow the bouncing lows

Tom turns 60 in a couple of months
Every time he has hit a 10-year milestone, his sugar starts going crazy
is it him or something else?  who knows.....

All I do know is that he is having daily lows
and, yes, I mean low -- too low

Fortunately he is home when it happens
but it will be spring/summer soon
and then he will be out in the evenings and then he won't be home
he will be driving
it scares me

a new phenomenon has started now
he will go and run on the treadmill for 30 minutes
and when he is done, his sugar plummets
of course, he doesn't feel it or know it
it is up to me to gently encourage him to eat/drink immediately

the good news:  he has agreed to try a new doctor
and to let me join him so that I can learn how to deal with this changes along with him

As much as we both want this to be his disease and not my responsibility
if I am the one to deal with the impacts, then I need to learn more
I don't need to know every detail -- but I do need to know how to deal with the outcomes

that's my deal for today
following bouncing lows.....