Monday, July 29, 2013

Email Hell

For so many reasons I have had to change my email accounts...
It has been a mess
I finally have been able to see my own blogger account
but am having trouble following others' blogs

I have figured out a way to do it -- but it is not easy anymore
eventually I will figure it out...
but right now it has been very frustrating...

I'll get it
just give me time...

Friday, July 12, 2013

thank you

Thank you my dw friends... you support is gratefully appreciated

Sunday, July 7, 2013

two weeks a the beach, why am I not happy?

Home from 2 weeks at the beach
I enjoyed it
really i did
it wasn't exactly what I had hoped for
too many people around (my sister invited lots of people)
but really it was so nice to be away
and I LOVE the beach

Tom arrived for the last three days
including our 27th anniversary
we had an argument about money
he is worried about having enough to live on in our retirement
which is still 10 years away
and he is unhappy spending money on vacations now

what if we don't live another 10 year?
and now I'm worried about my career/job/business choices
I'm already insecure in some of tem
he just added to it

now that I'm home I am feeling the burden of all there is to do
and do it all without spending any money because I just took the first 2-week vacation of my adult-hood

I feel like I should be happy but I'm not
is there something wrong with me?
maybe this week will be better....