Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tom's good -- I'm not

Since I started writing this blog to talk about dealing with my husband's Type 1 diabetes, we have been through some terrible times and some great ones.

At this moment in my life, Tom is doing well and our relationship is good.  However, I have been through a series of health issues that feels catastrophic.

In September (2013), I fell and shattered my wrist. It required surgery and just knocked out my Fall season.

Then in November (2013), I fell again and dislocated my ankle.  This also required surgery and this time I was laid up for two full months -- one of those months moved into my mother's house so she could take care of me.

In January, I had a kidney stone -- which fortunately  passed quickly, but was extremely painful also.

Last week (March 2014), I was back in the emergency room for back pain which turned out to be pneumonia and UTI.  They also found a cyst on my ovary.

I just can't seem to get healthy.  And, yet, it doesn't seem like any of my ailments are related.  Fortunately I have good health insurance and good doctors.

I am also lucky to have a great husband and wonderful family nearby to help me.

But I am feeling very down and just want to feel good -- something I haven't felt in six months.!


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