Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 2014 Update

Seeing DW's recent update inspired me to do the same.

My life during the past 14 months has been crazy!

I have experienced so many surgeries in a single year -- all but two unrelated (I had to have a second surgery on my ankle) -- well its enough to challenge anyone.

meanwhile, Tom has been a rock!

of course he has times when his glucose goes low - and to be honest sometimes I get a bit peeved
but as I tell him often, his challenge is so difficult that as long as he doesn't start hurting me or himself, its ok

I am not doing much work -- would like to really be retired but Tom is uncomfortable with the idea. we shall see where that goes....

but at the same time, I am very busy
trying to figure out how I did everything I used to do and work more than full time!
I am taking Spanish lessons, have worked during two elections, serve meals to a women's shelter, and keep up with my many family members.

Thanksgiving will involve my entire family this year -- all 30 of us!
We will gather at my mom's house but are sharing the cooking amongst us

it has started to be cold here and I don't like that so I am trying to plan a trip to Florida in January or February.

Wishing all a happy holiday season,,,

Tom's wife

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